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Bringing Wildlife to VetCare


A Baby Deer in a Field of Clovers

Often clients have questions about what to do with wildlife they encounter. Especially in spring, as new generations make their way into the world, young wild animals might seem like they need our help. However, unless an animal is truly orphaned or injured, there is no need to rescue them. Also, if an animal has already perished, please do not bring them to the clinic. Deadly diseases endemic to Colorado’s wildlife populations, like Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease or the Avian Flu, can be transmitted to domesticated pets that we treat at VetCare. The best option is to contact a wildlife rehabilitator in your area. However, if an animal is suffering please decide whether or not to act using the following resources and tips:

Signs that a wild animal needs help
· The animal is brought to you by a cat or dog.
· There’s evidence of bleeding.
· The animal has an apparent or obvious broken limb.
· A bird is featherless or nearly featherless and on the ground.
· The animal is shivering.
· There’s a dead parent nearby.
· The animal is crying and wandering all day long.

If you see any of these signs, find help for the animal. If necessary, safely capture and transport them to the appropriate place for treatment.


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