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Discover comprehensive veterinary care at VetCare Animal Hospital. We offer preventive care, diagnostics, surgery, and dentistry. Trust us for compassionate pet healthcare.

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Veterinary Services in Denver, Co.

Our hospital offers so many services, we can’t list them all here! We’ve listed a short sampling of our services below. Need to know if we offer a specific service? Call us and find out.

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Pet Preventative Care

Our veterinary experts prioritize preventative care to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

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Pet Dentistry

Bad breath, difficulty eating, or pawing at the mouth – indicating a need for professional dental care.

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Pet Surgery

Our pet surgery is more than just a medical process to bringing back the joy and vitality in your pets.

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Pet In-house Laboratory

Our Pet In-house Laboratory ensures you get crucial test results swiftly, eliminating unnecessary wait times. Trust us for reliable services
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Pet Ultrasound

At VetCare Animal Hospital, our Pet Ultrasound service utilizes high-frequency sound waves to generate detailed internal images.

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Pet Urgent Care

Facing a pet health crisis? Our Pet Urgent Care ensures effective care for your beloved companion when time is crucial.

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Pet Prescriptions

Our experienced veterinarians provide personalized pet prescriptions to tackle issues like infections, allergies, pain, and chronic illnesses.

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Senior Pet Wellness

At VetCare Animal Hospital, our senior pet wellness is a comprehensive approach prioritizes your pet’s health, providing tailored care to enhance their well-being.
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Pet Microchipping

Choosing pet microchipping at VetCare Animal Hospital, is a responsible decision that contributes to the safety and security of your furry family member
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Pet Radiology

Our Pet Radiology services are designed to provide accurate diagnoses, ensure your pet’s comfort, and contribute to their overall well-being.

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Pet Orthopedic Surgery

If your pet is experiencing orthopedic issues, reach out to VetCare Animal Hospital. We are offering precise diagnostics and personalized treatment plans.