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About the Vaccine Clinic

Vaccine Information
Rabbit hemorrhagic disease is a highly contagious, fatal disease in rabbits and is currently classified as a reportable disease in the United States. To prevent this disease, VetCare is offering a 2-shot vaccine series, an initial vaccine, and a follow-up booster 21 days later. BOTH are required for vaccine efficacy. Upon scheduling the first vaccine on April 17th, clients will be automatically scheduled for the booster on May 8th in the same time slot. To learn more about the vaccine, visit https://medgenelabs.com/rhdv2.

How to Sign Up
Call us at (303) 329-9162 or leave us an email message at [email protected]. Due to the frailty and shelf life of the vaccine, payment will be taken at the time of scheduling and cannot be refunded.

What to Expect
When you arrive for the vaccination, check in with reception. A team member will check you into a room where the doctor will perform a brief exam and administer the vaccine. If we have seen your rabbit within the past year, your exam fee will be waived. If your rabbit needs an exam, we will perform one at a discounted rate. A vaccine certificate will be provided to you at the completion of the booster vaccination on May 8th.